Program rules

  1. The program requires completion of 48UOC.
  2. A minimum of 36 units of credit must be completed within the DPP.
  3. Students can enrol in the DPP concurrently with their primary undergraduate degree program with the approval of their primary program authority.
  4. Postgraduate coursework students with minimal work experience will be considered for the DPP.
  5. Students will normally be able to enrol in the DPP after first semester if they are in good standing. Offers will be conditional until students are confirmed as being in good standing.
  6. Postgraduate coursework students who apply for the DPP during their first year of study at UNSW may need to wait until their first semester's results have been released.
  7. Domestic students who wish to complete the DPP after completion of their primary undergraduate or postgraduate degree program will need to apply for admission and enrol in the DPP before they complete their primary degree.
  8. International students can undertake the DPP as a one year full-time standalone program at the completion of their primary program.
  9. Students may be able to overload by 6 UOC in the DPP and the primary undergraduate degree program in Semesters1 and 2.
  10. Students will be able to enrol in a maximum of 12 UOC in Summer Term. Where students are enrolled in more than one degree award program – whether as a Dual Award degree program or as part of concurrent Certificates or Diplomas - students will be permitted to take the 12 UoC from either or both of their programs, but must not enrol in more than 12 UoC overall.
  11. Students are required to complete courses from 4 related groups.
  12. Group A, C and D courses are compulsory.
  13. Group B Electives must be from the Prescribed List of Electives (PLE) approved by the DPP program office. Students who wish to count electives which are not on the PLE will need to make an appeal to the DPP Program.
  14. Undergraduate students can apply to count up to 12 UOC from their primary undergraduate degree program towards the Group B elective requirements. Courses must meet the criteria for a Group B course.
  15. Postgraduate coursework students may apply to have up to 12UOC from previous studies considered as electives for the DPP.
  16. Undergraduate students may count up to 12UOC of DPP courses towards primary degree program General Education requirements only.
  17. DIPP1112 is a prerequisite for DIPP1310.
  18. DIPP1310 is a prerequisite for DIPP1311.
  19. Completion of all Group A and Group C courses is a pre-requisite for the Group D capstone course, DIPP1410.
  20. Students are not permitted to defer the DPP.  Students must either lodge a request via MyUNSW for program discontinuation or program leave.