Placement Opportunities

The basis of the Diploma of Professional Practice (DPP) is the experience you gain from your work placements or internships. You will have the opportunity to complete two work placements of at least four weeks each as part of the DPP.

Benefit from work experience

Your work placement experience will be invaluable when you apply for graduate positions. You will not only gain a greater understanding of the workplace but be able to use placement achievements to demonstrate your skills, knowledge and capabilities.

You will use your initiative and career management skills learned in the DPP to find the work placement you want. You will also need to make sure the placement is a positive experience for both you and your employer. We will support you in the process.

We recommend you find work experience that is related to the field of work in which you wish to pursue your career. However, students can use their part-time job as one of their placements.

Find out about current placement opportunities with organisations that accept placement applications from DPP students.