Course Groups

Diploma of Professional Practice (DPP) students are required to complete courses from these 4 related groups.  DPP course fees are set at Band 1

Group A

Students will get an introduction to the central concepts of global citizenship, leadership, professional practice, and workplace.

Students will develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to plan, engage in, and critically reflect on their experience and learning during their work placements.

DIPP1110 Introduction to Global Citizenship

Course outlines

DIPP1111 Introduction to Leadership and Professional Practice

Course outlines

DIPP1112 Introduction to the Workplace

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Group B

These electives will help students to either further prepare themselves for their work placement by taking courses that give them the skills and knowledge to work effectively in their proposed Professional Practice (PP) settings, for example language, indigenous, legal or cultural studies, or broaden their experience of PP.

Students can apply to count up to 12 UOC from their primary undergraduate degree program towards Group B elective requirements. Group B electives must be from the Prescribed List of Electives (PLE) approved by the DPP Program Office.

Students who wish to include electives that are not on the PLE will need to apply to the program office.

Prescribed List of Electives

Group C

Students will get the opportunity to develop, negotiate and arrange a plan for their Professional Practice (PP), prepare themselves for their PP time and complete their PP.

Students will also be able to critically reflect on their performance in their chosen PP setting and critically analyse the contribution of their community service activities to their development as leaders, professional practitioners and global citizens.

DPP students may be able to use placements required for their primary programs for their DPP placements (e.g. a social work student who is on a field placement could enrol in the DPP’s Professional Experience 1 and complete all the assessment items for this course during the social work placement).

Contact the DPP Office for more information or find out more at placement opportunities.

For information on courses please see this page on the current student website

Group D

Gives students the opportunity to demonstrate through a portfolio how they have developed their capabilities as professional practitioners, leaders and global citizens through completion of the Diploma.

DIPP1410 Diploma of Professional Practice Capstone

For information on courses please see this page on the current student website

General Education

GenEd courses:

  • Introduction to the Workplace
  • Professional Experience 1 (prerequisite: Introduction to the Workplace)
  • Introduction to Leadership and Professional Practice
  • Introduction to Global Citizenship

DIPP1510 Work Placement 

Course outlines