About the Diploma of Professional Practice

In today’s highly competitive employment market, employers are looking for graduates who are job ready. A Diploma of Professional Practice (DPP) will help you develop the necessary skills to stand out from the crowd and get the job you want.

Make yourself more employable

This flexible course includes:

  • Work preparation.
  • Opportunities to gain an understanding of the expectations of professionals through work placements or internships.
  • Opportunities to develop your knowledge, skills and capabilities as leaders, global citizens and professional practitioners.
  • Electives from your undergraduate program which further develop particular knowledge, skills and / or dispositions necessary to work effectively in the proposed Professional Experience (PE1) and Professional Practice (PP2) settings.
  • A capstone course to test the skills you have developed in a series of simulated graduate recruitment exercises. By this stage you will have developed a sound understanding of your career direction and be confident in marketing yourself to graduate employers.

Start building work experience

You may think it’s far too early to start thinking about graduate employment but the earlier you start building a set of work skills and experience the more successful you are likely to be.

As part of your DPP studies, you’ll gain invaluable work experience by completing two work placements of at least four weeks each. You will use your initiative and career management skills to find these placements as well as make sure the placements provide a positive experience for both you and the organisation.

These internships will give you a greater understanding of the workplace and the opportunity to demonstrate your skills, knowledge and capabilities to prospective employers through your achievements.

Show commitment to your career

When you graduate with a degree and a DPP diploma, you are showing employers you are career focussed. You will have increased your competitiveness in the graduate recruitment process and have taken the opportunity to develop ongoing career management skills.